Figurative language in clinical populations
This project investigates the neural correlates of figurative language processing, focusing on differential neural patterns in patients with depression. (more)
Categorization of emotional information
The central aim of this project is to uncover how children use emotional information in order to categorize words and faces... (more)
Language and Emotion
The project "Interactions between linguistic and emotional competences" is part of a Cluster of Excellence entitled "Languages of Emotion" at the FU Berlin... (more)


Late Talker
Language development of late talking toddlers was observed between 2;0 and 3;0 years of age... (more)
Nomen und Verben
Acquisition and processing of nouns and verbs were investigated in different populations and in several languages... (more)
Prof. Dr. Christina Kauschke
Philipps-Universität Marburg
Institut für Germanistische Sprachwissenschaft
Pilgrimstein 16
D-35032 Marburg