Language and Emotion

Interactions between linguistic and emotional competences

This project is part of a Cluster of Excellence entitled "Languages of Emotion" at the FU Berlin.

Title of the project: "Interactions between linguistic and emotional competences – comparative studies of children and adults with linguistic and/or emotional disorders"

The aim of this project is to clarify the contribution of linguistic and emotional information in communication. In the planned study linguistic and emotional symptoms are to be compared across four populations: developmental language disorders (children with Specific Language Impairment and children with autism) and acquired disorders (aphasia and acquired communication disorders).

Heads of project: Gisela Klann-Delius, Hauke Heekeren, Christina Kauschke, Prisca Stenneken
Assistants: Judith Levy, Christine Wendt

Prof. Dr. Christina Kauschke
Philipps-Universität Marburg
Institut für Germanistische Sprachwissenschaft
Pilgrimstein 16
D-35032 Marburg